More Than Half Of New York Voters Don’t Support Defunding The Police: Poll

More Than Half Of New York Voters Don’t Support Defunding The Police: Poll

More than half of registered New York voters are opposed to defunding the police and reducing police department budgets, according to a Siena College Poll released Tuesday.

A total of 60% of respondents opposed defunding the police, and more than half, 57%, also oppose reducing funding to police, according to the Siena College Research Institute Poll. Thirty percent expressed support for defunding the police, while 37% supported reducing police department budgets.

The poll showed differences among racial groups, with more than half of black respondents, 57%, and 24% of white respondents supporting defunding the police. Less than half of Latinos, 41%, said they support defunding the police, according to the poll.

Political parties were also divided on the question of defunding the police. Fewer than half of Democrats surveyed, 47%, said they opposed defunding the police while 75% of Republicans and 69% of Independents said they opposed cuts to police budgets, the poll reported.

Forty percent of Democrats supported defunding the police, while to less than a quarter of Republicans, 19%, and Independents, 23%, supported those measures. (Related: De Blasio Announces Plan To Move Funds From NYPD Amid Calls To Defund The Police)

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