"More People Will Die" - Joe Biden Spreads Fear as Election Litigations Continue

“More People Will Die” – Joe Biden Spreads Fear as Election Litigations Continue

The Biden Campaign along with the mainstream media continue try to build pressure on the Trump Administration to concede.

While the media continues to report on false information and disregard the clear discrepancies of the election results, Joe Biden is now taking a different approach in an effort to usurp the Executive Office. “More people will die if we don’t coordinate.” – That’s what the Former Vice President told reporters in Delaware on Monday. 


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The Biden transition team (which is now loaded with big-tech and Wall-Street lobbyists) has been aggressive in trying to move into the White House even before all election ballots have been counted and while results in dozens of counties are being litigated in federal court.

Now the Biden team is resorting to outright guilt-tripping and border-line fear-mongering to rally public support in getting President Trump to concede the election. 

President Trump has come through as promised with a vaccine in a more than timely manner.

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