Monkeys reportedly snatch newborn twins in India, killing one

Monkeys reportedly snatch newborn twins in India, killing one

A pack of wild monkeys broke into a home in India and snatched newborn twins — killing one of the 8-day-old girls, according to reports.

The mother — identified as R. Buvaneswari, 26 — told police that the monkeys broke into her home in the city of Thanjavur on Saturday by lifting roof tiles, The Times of India reported.

Buvaneswari said she was home alone with the twins and her 5-year-old daughter while her husband, Raja, 29, a house painter, went to work, according to the report.

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She claimed that the marauding simians stole her babies while she was in the outside toilet.

The mother said she rushed back into the house when she heard screeches from the animals and was shocked to find the babies missing. She ran back outside when she heard one of her infants crying and saw one of the monkeys holding the child.

Neighbors then chased the monkey and rescued the girl, but the

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