Money Legos keep stacking! Finance Redefined 4/21-4/28

Money Legos keep stacking! Finance Redefined 4/21-4/28

Happy Wednesday fellow DeFi degens! 

I was expecting to spend a large portion of this edition of Finance Redefined analyzing Aave’s liquidity mining program. There was some anxiety from investors that the emission of 2,200 $AAVE per day (which would translate to roughly 5% of the ecosystem reserve fund of 2.8 million AAVE per year) might end up dragging down the token’s price as farmers earn and dump.  

I would feel very uncomfortable holding an asset if the governance token of a very important protocol ends up in the hands of people who only think about short term gains.

— Grogu (@eip1559) April 26, 2021

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Turns out, it’s unnecessary: the program’s an unmitigated success. The AAVE token is up nearly 15% since the launch of liquidity mining to $462, and the protocol’s total value locked figure has surged to $11.8 billion — up from just over $7 billion since liquidity mining began.

Well-researched liquidity mining works. Only question now is, if the program is

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