Model Lottie Moss Announces She Is 'Pansexual'

Model Lottie Moss Announces She Is 'Pansexual'

British model Lottie Moss has come out to the world as “pansexual,” meaning she’s attracted romantically to anyone regardless of whether they are a man, a woman, a man who identifies as a woman, or a woman who identifies as a man.

Lottie Moss — who is the younger sister of model Kate Moss — announced her pansexuality during an Instagram Q&A.

“I’m pansexual so I don’t really mind any gender — it kinda changes every day as well. It depends on who I meet,” said Moss in her Instagram Q&A, according to a report by the Daily Mail.

While Moss, who made her runway debut in 2015 at Paris Fashion Week at the age of 17, has revealed that she is open to dating anyone, she the phrase “Not Yours” tattooed just above her butt.  “I was dating a guy and he really pissed me off and I went and got a

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