MLB Now Wants To Know YOUR Party Affiliation

MLB Now Wants To Know YOUR Party Affiliation

I wonder why they are asking?

Could it be that they feel the heat and pressure from Conservative America, and are now trying to gauge the damage done?

I think that is exactly what is going on. Sports have never been so political before and now these leagues want to track how that affects their business.

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I am no expert, but I would be willing to wager that a majority of people who watch televised sports in America lean conservative.

Here is to hoping they catch a hint!

Take a look:

.@MLB is polling fans at ballparks as to their party affiliation. They want verification of how many #Democrats who support #blacklivesmatter are attending games versus #Republicans (real fans) who aren't going to bother.
(BTW – #BoycottMLB is having a significant impact)

— Kneegroe Puliese (@KPuliese) April 25, 2021

Dear @MLB
Since you have decided to go woke & include Political

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