MIT Study Says 6-Foot Social Distancing Guidelines are Pointless

MIT Study Says 6-Foot Social Distancing Guidelines are Pointless

Add this to the long list of studies debunking lockdowns, masks, and now social distancing.

Everything that the mainstream media and medical bureaucrats preached to us for over a year can be thrown in the garbage.

They have done absolutely nothing to curb the virus and helped devastate the lives of hard-working people around the world.

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A new MIT study has taken a stab at the 6-foot social distancing guidelines that have dictated how we interact with each other in public.

Occupancy restrictions continue to stranglehold small businesses and brainwashed zombies freak out when anyone steps within a few feet of them.

And those Kindergarten stickers at every business and public transport station have been a gigantic waste of time.

Here’s more info:

MIT study challenges indoor social distancing, finds 'no difference between 6 feet and 60 feet'

— Ben Owen (@hrkbenowen) April 25, 2021

Very interesting new study on the effectiveness of preventative measures to

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