Missing Indonesian Submarine Found on Ocean Floor

Missing Indonesian Submarine Found on Ocean Floor

Dashing any hopes for a miracle ending to the hunt for a missing Indonesian submarine, the sub’s wreckage has been found off the coast of Bali.

Indonesia declared all 53 crew members on board dead, according to The Associated Press.

The submarine had been missing since Wednesday. On Saturday, the day that the sub would have been on the last of its oxygen supply, Indonesia announced that items from the KRI Nanggala 402 had been found.

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“It was broken into three pieces,” Navy Chief of Staff Yudo Margono said.

The submarine was found at a depth of 2,788 feet, Margono said, according to CNN.

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The vessel was able to withstand water pressure only at a depth of 655 feet.

After the sub was located with sonar, a remotely operated vehicle went down to film

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