Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey Charges Trump Over $500K, Obama $20K For Rally Security At Same Venue

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Minneapolis’ Mayor Jacob Frey is trying to charge President Trump over half a million dollars for security at a rally he has planned in the city later on this week.

However, in 2009, Obama was only charged $20K by the city for a rally at the same exact venue Trump’s rally is to be held at!

Take a look at the news on Twitter from Trump War Room:

Minneapolis Mayor @Jacob_Frey is trying to shut down President Trump’s rally by unfairly charging the campaign over $500,000 for security.

“[It] would be way out of line with what other Minnesota cities have chalked up as the cost of security for other Presidential rallies…” pic.twitter.com/tPEOVkYkri

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) October 8, 2019

Absolutely ridiculous, and President Trump isn’t standing for it!

Check out what our president had to say about the left-wing Mayor not treating him the same as he did Obama back in 2009

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