'Million MAGA March' in Washington D.C. descends into violence

'Million MAGA March' in Washington D.C. descends into violence

A man was stabbed multiple times and at least 21 people are facing criminal charges after pro-Trump supporters and leftist groups clashed in downtown Washington, following Saturday’s “Million MAGA March.”

D.C. Police said Sunday they recovered seven guns and two officers were injured as pro- and anti-Trump factions brawled.

Thousands of President Trump’s supporters flocked to downtown D.C. to back his election recount efforts and refusal to concede. While the afternoon was relatively peaceful, punches were exchanged and violence erupted once night fell.

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A video posted to social media showed a Trump supporter swinging a megaphone as a weapon as counter-protesters swarmed on him.

Another skirmish broke out as Trump supporters attempted to rip down anti-Trump signs and Black Lives Matters posters hanging from a fence along Lafayette Square across from the White House.

D.C. Police ultimately cleared that area to stop potential future violence.

A man was stabbed multiple times near the intersection of New York Ave. and

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