Mike Rowe Sounds Off On Democrats’ ‘Free College’ Agenda: ‘Profound Unfairness’

Mike Rowe Sounds Off On Democrats’ ‘Free College’ Agenda: ‘Profound Unfairness’

Host Mike Rowe this weekend ripped into the Democrats’ push for all young Americans to attend four-year colleges, and their efforts to make such education “free” or funded by taxpayers.

Rowe was responding to a question from a fan who noted of liberal HBO host Bill Maher’s recent anti-college rant that he said mirrored many points Rowe has been arguing for years. During the segment, Maher notably said higher education institutions “have turned into giant luxury daycare centers with overpaid babysitters” and stated that he’s “not f***ing paying” for so-called “free” college.

Here’s the question posed to Rowe from a fan named Tim Boyer:

Mike – Bill Maher’s current rant on higher ed is almost identical to everything you’ve been saying for the last thirteen years through mikeroweWORKS. I mean, like, literally identical. How do you feel? Ripped off? Flattered? Or maybe, a bit disturbed that you and Bill Maher see eye to eye on more than a few issues here of

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