Mike Lindell’s FULL Speech at Reawaken America

Mike Lindell’s FULL Speech at Reawaken America

I was so jealous to miss the Reawaken America conference today held in California….I sure hope I can make the next one!

If you missed it as well, trust me on this: you do NOT want to miss Mike Lindell’s speech.

I’ve got the FULL Speech for you right here.

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You can watch it on Rumble:

Wasn’t that awesome?

And if you only have time for a one minute clip, make it this one….

Mike says people keep asking him if Trump won California and what’s so fascinating to me is not only the answer (although that’s awesome) but it’s his whole demeanor.

Seriously folks, watch this and tell me what you think.

What I see is a guy who truly has all the evidence already in his pocket.

Not just thinks he does, but has it so clear and so undeniable that he has no worries in the world.

This is a guy who knows 1000% he

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