Mike Lindell’s “Absolute 9-0” Promises “Supreme” Justice!

Mike Lindell’s “Absolute 9-0” Promises “Supreme” Justice!

In case you missed this, I want to make sure you saw it.

I have received so many emails from people saying how wonderful it was….and they’re 100% right.

I knew as soon as I saw it was from Mike Lindell, that was when I knew it would be awesome.

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Titled “Absolute 9-0”, the film is the third in Mike Lindell’s “Absolute” series, documenting, exposing and PROVING the election fraud.

The “9-0” is a reference to the Supreme Court voting 9-0 in support of Trump once this evidence is seen, because it will be so overwhelming and undeniable.

Watch this:

Mike Lindell premieres “Absolutely 9-0” tonight, which is a 20-minute short film detailing the CCP’s involvement in the US election. Lindell states that when the Supreme Court accepts this case (hopefully mid-July), the evidence is not subjective. pic.twitter.com/bTsUcaKv3q

— PatriotTakes 🇺🇸 (@patriottakes) June 3, 2021

Here’s more:

Absolute 9-0 isn't enough! Here's #MikeLindell's new lawsuit against

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