Mike Lindell Responds To Dominion Lawsuit: “Thank You”

Mike Lindell Responds To Dominion Lawsuit: “Thank You”

Thank YOU Mike!

Mike Lindell is standing strong against this new lawsuit from Dominion. Many people including Sidney Powell have said it before: discovery.

In a lawsuit there is something called discovery; discovery is the research phase where everything is heavily investigated and scrutinized.

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This could EASILY screw Dominion over in a major way and backfire!

Perhaps the Italian connection will come to the forefront yet again……

Maybe the forensic report conducted by Allied Security Systems will be unearthed again……

Either way, this should be VERY interesting to keep up with.

Here are the latest reports:  

"Lindell—a talented salesman and former professional card counter—sells the lie to this day because the lie sells pillows."

Quite an opening to the Dominion defamation suit: pic.twitter.com/q1s2CqoNNQ

— Kyle Cheney (@kyledcheney) February 22, 2021

"While Lindell was on Facebook blaming Antifa for the storming of the Capitol by people shouting 'Fight for Trump,' MyPillow

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