Mike Lindell Explains Coming Landmark Supreme Court Case and Class Action Dominion Lawsuit: “We’ve Got To FIX 2020 FIRST”

Mike Lindell Explains Coming Landmark Supreme Court Case and Class Action Dominion Lawsuit: “We’ve Got To FIX 2020 FIRST”

Mike Lindell is laser-focused on fixing 2020 before another election can be stolen from the American people ever again.

In addition to his $1.6 billion Dominion lawsuit, Mike Lindell is onboarding State Attorneys General for a massive Supreme Court case aimed at looking into the vast evidence of fraud in the 2020 election.

Sign the petition to encourage the Supreme Court to accept the bill and save America at fix2020first.com!

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The audit volunteers and election fraud witnesses are also taking on Dominion with a major class-action lawsuit.

Dominion is serving regular, everyday people, with legal documents for doing the right thing and speaking up. They are intimidating Americans with threats of lawfare and intentionally placing them under duress.

Professor David Clements told The Gateway Pundit that the Arizona Senate and the auditors are also under duress, and it is depriving everybody of the truth. This is a serious issue.

WATCH: Professor David Clements On AZ Audit Presentation: “We Should Be Calling For Decertification… What I’m Hearing Is An Element Of Duress”

They’ve even put regular people under duress with the fear of internet censorship, government watchlists, and an army of fake news propagandists to bully, scare, and silence us.

If the election was stolen, which it was, Dominion doesn’t even want us talking about it. 

Conradson: Mike Lindell recently dropped a huge class-action lawsuit against Dominion. Can you tell us what happened?

Lindell: Yeah, the Dominion lawsuit, that was actually all of the poll watchers and stuff. These are regular everyday people, they were volunteers and they got Dominion served them papers. Threatening letters and papers, using law fair basically to try and scare them and so they’re actually the plaintiffs. All these great patriots and anyone that was a poll watcher, that was part of it got a threatening letter. There were hundreds of them from Dominion to stop them from speaking out. They say you need to stop right now and that’s what this class action suit is all about.

Conradson: What kind of threat was it?

Lindell: For one thing, they wanted to you know some of them said, preserve all the evidence that you have, and they’re going what? What did I do? They didn’t even know what they did. A lot of them said, hey, don’t talk anymore. They’re going, well what do you mean don’t talk? You know, I mean it’s

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