Mike Lindell Dropped By Law Firm After Suing Dominion!

Mike Lindell Dropped By Law Firm After Suing Dominion!

We have huge news breaking about Mike Lindell…

Earlier this week, we reported that Mike Lindell has filed a new bombshell lawsuit against Dominion.

Today, news just broke that the law firm that filed the suit has withdrawn from representing Lindell.

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Get this: the law firm says the lawyer filed the lawsuit “without permission”.

My only question is this: do they mean without the law firm’s permission or without DOMINION’S permission?  Is that who’s really calling the shots here?

Check this out:

Law Firm Quits MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell’s Dominion Lawsuit, Claims Lawyer Filed It Without Permission https://t.co/AFW6napxrx pic.twitter.com/U39XHU11LY

— Forbes (@Forbes) June 5, 2021

But here’s where the story gets good….the lawyer who filed that suit has left the firm.

It’s unclear if he was fired or left on his own to continue representing Mike

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