Mike Lindell: “60% Of Cyber Attacks Came From China”

Mike Lindell: “60% Of Cyber Attacks Came From China”

Mike is right on the money.

People in the mainstream media paint Mike Lindell as a crazy conspiracy theorist, but let us take a moment to examine his latest claim.

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Lindell told Steve Bannon that 60% of cyber attacks came from China.

We know that according to reports from the previous DNI John Ratcliffe, The CCP has been targeting American politicians up to 12x as much as rival countries.

We also know that politicians have been sleeping with Chinese spies (lookin at you Swalwell), and that there is evidence of Chinese meddling in the 2020 election according to the former DNI.

Given all these reports from a highly credible source like the office of The DNI, how can the MSM make these claims about Mike Lindell?

He is clearly not the only one saying things like this…….

Check it out:

Lindell: 60% of cyber attacks came from China https://t.co/fsG6qWQf09

— Squidwards Clarinet (@Squidward3424) February

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