Mike Huckabee: The Radical Left Is Becoming Like ‘Islamic Terrorists’

Mike Huckabee: The Radical Left Is Becoming Like ‘Islamic Terrorists’

During the brief, violent period during which the Taliban had unquestioned control over the entirety of Afghanistan, the regime was noted for its wanton destruction of the country’s rich history of art and cultural sites.

The most notorious and shameful example of this occurred in March 2001 when the regime, paying no heed to an international uproar, destroyed the Buddha statues of Bamiyan.

The massive representations of Buddha, built out of stone cliffs in the 6th century, were blown up because the radical Islamic government considered them idols.

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It was one of the last times they could destroy Buddhist art in the country unimpeded. A few months later, the country’s most infamous tenant engaged in the most egregious act of terrorism in modern history and, in very short order, the Taliban found it was no longer in full control of Afghanistan.

Yet The Associated Press reported last year that workers at the National Museum of Afghanistan were still toiling

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