Migration Groups Blame Americans' Border Laws for Migrant Deaths

Migration Groups Blame Americans' Border Laws for Migrant Deaths

President Joe Biden should remove the Title 42 anti-coronavirus border barrier because it raises the difficulty and risks for migrants trying to reach U.S. jobs, say pro-migration groups.

“Migrants are attempting multiple crossings, seeking out more remote and perilous sections of the border … [so increasing] migrants’ chances of needing to be rescued — or of dying,” claimed a May 26 report by The Marshall Project. The report is titled “Strict Border Enforcement Policies Put Migrants in Harm’s Way. Title 42 Is No Exception.”

On May 31, the Los Angeles Times presented a soft-focus version of the claim with an extensive article about the burial of one Mexican migrant who drowned on the California coast:

The tragic end to the journey of Maria Eugenia Chavez Segovia highlights the vulnerability of migrants desperate to get to the United States. It left her loved ones begging for answers; her dreams were

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