Microsoft Gives Digital Assistant ‘Clippy’ New Life

Microsoft Gives Digital Assistant ‘Clippy’ New Life

Microsoft is bringing back “Clippy” as an emoji.

The software giant’s controversial digital assistant — which appeared on versions of Microsoft Office before 2003 — was deeply loathed by many users.

As CNET reported in 2002:

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Microsoft is hoping to appeal to customers with a less-obtrusive, easier to use version of the suite. In Office XP, Microsoft plans to hide the Clippy character tool from view and help people in a less obtrusive manner.

“Not one person in my office, from the receptionist to the sales people to the engineers to the CEO use the blasted paper clip. Not even my wife, who is an elementary school teacher, uses it,” Ketan Deshpande, senior software engineer at, wrote in an e-mail to “In less time than it took MS to put this Web site together, they could have pulled the dumb clip out of their software.”

Despite two decades of deep-seated contempt, Microsoft is granting Clippy another chance at life. The firm will

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