Michigan School’s ‘Equity’ Training Calls ‘Objectivity’ A Form Of White Supremacy

Michigan School’s ‘Equity’ Training Calls ‘Objectivity’ A Form Of White Supremacy

Ann Arbor Public Schools (AAPS) Superintendent attended an “equity learning” seminar, which taught school leaders that objectivity, among other traits, is a characteristic of white supremacy.

According to a post from AAPS Superintendent Dr. Jeanice Swift, on Feb. 13, she attended an equity seminar led by the organization Equity Leaders. In the course, district leaders were shown a slide describing the “characteristics of white supremacy culture.” Characteristics included but were not limited to, perfectionism, a sense of urgency, defensiveness, fear of open conflict, individualism, and objectivity.

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The preceding screenshot listed character traits that individuals should pursue to create a “culture of love.” Traits included being patient, caring, trusting, selfless, honest, forgiving, and committed.

Another slide gave “antidotes” to the alleged characteristics of white supremacy culture. The slide was titled, “dismantling oppressive culture and behavior.” Traits that were considered part of “white supremacy culture” were listed in the

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