Michigan Officer Talks Teen Out of Suicide: 'There's Always Help'

Michigan Officer Talks Teen Out of Suicide: 'There's Always Help'

A Michigan police officer helped talk a teenager who contemplated taking his own life out of committing suicide last Saturday.

Officer Hunter Chirillo, 23, a cop in the traffic and patrol division of the Dundee Police Department, noticed a vehicle parked in the middle of the road on top of an overpass, WTOL reported.

Chirillo also noticed a young man standing outside the vehicle.

When Chirillo asked the teenager if he needed any help, the young man responded that he was thinking about jumping off the overpass.

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The Michigan officer got out of his car, notified Monroe County Central Dispatch for backup, and initiated a conversation with the teenager.

Chirillo kept the teen’s thoughts on the conversation instead of the overpass until help arrived.

Several other officers arrived to safely secure the young man and take him to the hospital for further evaluation.

“I think it was completely lucky that

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