Michigan court restores strict deadline for absentee ballots

Michigan court restores strict deadline for absentee ballots

In a blow to local Democrats, judges in the swing state of Michigan ruled Friday that absentee ballots must reach county and local clerks offices by Nov. 3 in order to count in the general election.

The decision by a three-judge Court of Appeals panel means that ballots arriving later than 8 p.m. on election day won’t be counted, even if they were postmarked by Nov. 2.

The decision reverses a lower court ruling that would have allowed  an extra two weeks, so long as the ballots were postmarked before election day.

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Also reversed are provisions that would have let intermediaries deliver ballots to clerks’ offices.

The decision is the latest court action in a lawsuit brought by the Michigan Alliance for Retired Americans and other voting rights groups, seeking to overturn what they saw as a  deadline that had become unconstitutionally restrictive, given the constraints of the pandemic.

The appellate judges — all three of whom were GOP

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