Michael J. Fox: ‘This Is the End of My Acting Career’

Michael J. Fox: ‘This Is the End of My Acting Career’

Michael J. Fox has done much during his career that has earned him the title of household name along with more prestigious recognition in the form of Golden Globe and Primetime Emmy awards.

“Back to the Future” and “Family Ties” are perhaps what he is best known for, but he’s played a variety of roles across television and film since he dropped out of high school to pursue acting.

He noticed some odd symptoms in his 20s, and when he was 29 he received the diagnosis we’re all familiar with. In 1998, he told the world he had Parkinson’s, and he retired from show business in 2000.

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Despite that announcement, he has still picked up parts here and there and even won an Emmy in 2009 for his work on “Rescue Me.”

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Since then, he has experienced more health

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