Michael Cohen Claims Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Drunk All the Time’

Michael Cohen Claims Rudy Giuliani Is ‘Drunk All the Time’

Former lawyer to Donald Trump, Micheal Cohen claimed in am interview with MSNBC’s Ari Melber that the president’s current personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani was “drunk all the time.”

On Friday’s broadcast of “The Beat,” Melber asked, “Do you think Rudy Giuliani is being used as a tool and hack of the Russians, whether or not it passes a legal line and do you think that’s wrong?”

Cohen said, “Of course it’s wrong, and the answer is yes. Rudy is being played by the Russians. He’s 100% susceptible to being used by Russians because the disinformation. He runs right back to President Trump like a child running to a parent: ‘Look what I have. Look what I have.’ Let’s not forget. I was in Trump’s office when Roger Stone contacted Mr. Trump at the time to tell him about the emails that were going to be dropped, ultimately learning several days later they

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