Miami Hurricanes Unveil New Touchdown Rings

Miami Hurricanes Unveil New Touchdown Rings

The Miami Hurricanes have new touchdown rings.

The Hurricanes unveiled the rings late Thursday night during their game against UAB, and they’re absurd. You can see a video of the rings below. (RELATED: David Hookstead Is The True King In The North When It Comes To College Football)


New Touchdown Rings. First to rock ’em: @polo_man_cam

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— Canes F????????tball (@CanesFootball) September 11, 2020

Miami previously had touchdown rings in 2019, but they were super small.

Introducing: Touchdown Rings ????

— ESPN (@espn) August 25, 2019

First, Miami had the turnover chain and they now have these gigantic touchdown rings. You know what Miami hasn’t had in the past few years?

Any real shot at winning a national title. They have all these antics and stunts, but they just can’t seem to find a realistic shot of winning a title.

It’s weird how that works!


— Miami Hurricanes (@MiamiHurricanes) September 11, 2020

Overall, I hate these antics. I really do. Call me old school, but I think they’re really dumb and unnecessary. How do these stupid chains and rings help win football games?

The answer is

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