Mexican President Refuses Trump’s Offer To Help “Wage War” On Drug Cartels


In case you haven’t heard the terrible news, at least 9 Americans – mothers and their children – were gruesomely murdered by a Mexican drug cartel. Several others were injured, and some are still missing.

In response to this horrific tragedy, President Trump extended a hand to Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Oprador, offering the U.S.’s assistance with waging war on the drug cartels to “wipe them off the face of the earth.”

However, Oprador has since rejected President Trump’s offer.

The breaking news just hit Twitter:

Mexico’s president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) declined the help of U.S. military and security forces to go to “war” with cartels.

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) November 5, 2019

JUST IN: Mexican president rebuffs Trump’s offer to “wage war” on cartels: “The worst thing is war”

— The Hill (@thehill) November 5, 2019

Here’s what President Trump had tweeted out to address

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