Mexican National Pleads Guilty To Selling Illegal H-2B Work Visas

Mexican National Pleads Guilty To Selling Illegal H-2B Work Visas

A Mexican national pleaded guilty to conspiring to encourage illegal immigration for financial gain by selling illegally obtained U.S. temporary work visas, the Texarkana Gazette reported Thursday.

Jesus Martinez-Rubio was arrested and charged in Texarkana, Arkansas, after meeting with an undercover officer posing as a business owner selling H-2B visas on June 11, according to a criminal complaint, the Gazette reported. Martinez-Rubio was discovered through an Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigation after entering the U.S. on an H-2B visa 37 times since 1997.

“Under the United States immigration laws, a foreign-born national can obtain an H-2B visa to work on a temporary basis in the U.S., provided that the individual has a contract for employment and there is a certified need for such a worker,” the complaint said, the Gazette reported.

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“To obtain an H-2B visa, a petitioning employer must show that there was not a qualified American worker available for the position that had been advertised,” the complaint said, the Gazette reported.

DHS will provide an additional 35,000 H-2B seasonal non-agricultural guest worker visas for the 2020 summer season

— Rebecca Rainey (@RebeccaARainey) March 5, 2020

Martinez-Rubio, who Immigration and Customs Enforcement began

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