Mexican Governor Claims Coronavirus Only Targets 'Rich' People


A Mexican governor sparked controversy after claiming the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) will spare those living in poverty, claiming they are “immune.”

During a daily news conference, Puebla Governor Miguel Barbosa said the 38 confirmed cases in his state were largely wealthy individuals. Barbosa is a member of the MORENA party, the same as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“Están contagiados los ricos, los pobres somos inmunes”: Miguel Barbosa, gobernador de

— Nacho Lozano (@nacholozano) March 25, 2020

“If you are rich you are in danger,” Barbosa said. “If you are poor you are not, us poor individuals are immune.”

The statements come as Mexico reports five fatalities among more than 400 confirmed cases. In recent days, the World Health Organization classified the country for community infections, something local health officials tried to avoid.

Despite his claims of being poor, Barbosa was singled out in 2018 by El

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