Meghan McCain: Fauci 'Clearly Wanted to Be a Kardashian'

Meghan McCain: Fauci 'Clearly Wanted to Be a Kardashian'

Meghan McCain told her co-hosts Friday on ABC’s “TheView” that Dr. Anthony Fauci sought fame like “a Kardashian.”

Joy Behar said, “Republicans like Rand Paul are saying I told you so over the emails. What is he saying that he is right about, Rand Paul?”

McCain said, “I don’t think people that are uncomfortable with celebrity or don’t want to be a celebrity, pose on the cover of InStyle Magazine in fashion spreads and on the cover of People Magazine. I’m sorry but part of the criticism going forward is he just wanted to be a scientist, he clearly wanted to be a Kardashian as well.”

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She continued, “I think his emails show that he doesn’t understand that the question that everyone has. We understand he’s saying he doesn’t believe it was a lab leak, that it was an accidental lab leak because he said Chinese people didn’t want

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