Meghan Markle Or Kate Middleton? Australians Say ‘Neither’

Meghan Markle Or Kate Middleton? Australians Say ‘Neither’

The British royal family is famous all over the world. But who’s the most popular member of “The Firm”? If you ask Australians, their answer is “no one” — and they think our “Meghan vs. Kate” discussions are silly.

The British royal family is popular everywhere in the world. Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton are subject to constant analysis and criticism.

Every day, their shenanigans make headlines. Whether they’re real or imagined, “The Firm’s” antics keep people reading.

Australians could care less. | Source: Twitter

But if you ask Australians which member of the “BRF” is the most popular, they’ll say “none of the above.”

And if they had their way, the British royal family wouldn’t be around at all.

Public Support For The British Royal Family Is Dropping In Australia

As of this writing, there is a “resurgent” movement in Australia.

There’s a faction of Australians that would like to break away from the British royal family and

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