Meet the Projects Unlocking Illiquid Markets

Meet the Projects Unlocking Illiquid Markets

When it comes to investments, liquidity is an important part of the equation. After all, a liquid market means you can easily enter and exit a market without suffering from excess slippage.

However, there are a number of asset classes that generally offer a range of incredibly lucrative investment opportunities, but currently suffer from either poor overall liquidity, or are simply difficult to enter and exit.

Now, thanks to the advent of blockchain technology and a few innovative platforms, these untapped opportunities are becoming increasingly accessible. Here, we take a look at three projects using blockchain technology to unlock the hidden potential of illiquid markets.

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Long-tail assets are a relatively untapped investment class, and are typically leveraged only by the few that can spot and take advantage of niche products with low market capitalization and liquidity.

Until recently, investing in many long-tail assets was a challenging affair, and was largely the domain of long-term investors that often had

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