Meet The 17 GOP Women Newly-Elected To Congress

Meet The 17 GOP Women Newly-Elected To Congress

Despite being assured by both the legacy media and “expert” pollsters that a “blue wave” was imminent, Republicans outperformed all House race projections. Currently, the Democrats hold a slim majority of 222 seats to the Republicans’ 205, with just 8 seats remaining. Republicans lead in all 8.

Not only did the Republican Party flip a whopping 11 seats, giving them a net gain of 8 seats so far, it was a particularly successful election for women in the “party of sexism.” Here are the 17 newly-elected female Republicans joining the House of Representatives in 2021.

Stephanie Bice 

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Stephanie Bice beat incumbent Kendra Horn in Oklahoma’s 5th Congressional District by over 12,000 votes (4.2%). Bice served in the Oklahoma state Senate, and is the first Iranian American to be elected to Congress. 

Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert beat Democrat Diane Mitsch Bush in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District — after Boebert defeated Republican Rep. Scott Tipton in the primary election  by over

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