Media Analysis: 'Demographic Changes' Helping Democrats Turn Georgia Blue

Media Analysis: 'Demographic Changes' Helping Democrats Turn Georgia Blue

Georgia’s “demographic changes” are helping turn the state from a comfortably red region to a Democrat stronghold, media analysis concludes.

Washington Post columnist Katrina vanden Heuvel writes that demographic changes, spurred almost entirely by immigration, have aided failed Democrat gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams in pushing Georgia from a red state to, at the least, a swing state this election cycle.

Heuvel writes:

In reporting on how Georgia went from red to blue, the media has naturally sought a protagonist — and found the perfect one in Stacey Abrams. Early on, Abrams recognized that demographic changes in Georgia meant Democrats could have a chance there if they organized. So she formed a blueprint for a gubernatorial race, presented her argument to donors across the country and executed that plan, winning more voters than any Democratic candidate in Georgia’s history. [Emphasis added]

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But Abrams did not single-handedly turn demographic change into

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