Meacham: GOP 'Synonymous' with China -- 'The Great Threat Is from Within'

Meacham: GOP 'Synonymous' with China — 'The Great Threat Is from Within'

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” historian and author Jon Meacham warned of the “great threat” the United States faces now.

After likening the GOP to China, Meacham said people “from the center to the right” no longer have interest “in power over any kind of traditional American principle.” According to the MSNBC contributor, the “great threat is from within.”

“I kept thinking about the Republican Party and how synonymous it might be with China,” Meacham said in response to co-host Mika Brzezinski reading an op-ed about China only appearing to be strong but not actually posing a threat.

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“When George W. Bush was in the transition from ‘88 to ‘89, he was reading Paul Kennedy and the decline and fall of the great powers,” he added. “Remember, the existential threat to democracy then was something called the deficit, you know, which is now, I think sort of

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