McDonald's Shuts Down All but Five Israel Restaurants to Service Medical Staff for Free


TEL AVIV -McDonald’s announced Monday that as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, it was shutting down all but five of its restaurants in Israel which would remain open in order to provide food to medical personnel and security forces gratuis.

In a message posted on its Facebook page, McDonald’s Israel wrote, “Bye for now, see you later.”

“Dear customers, in light of the intensifying coronavirus crisis, McDonald’s Israel has decided to close all its restaurants and operate only five on an emergency basis that will provide free food for hospitals, MDA emergency personnel and security forces,” the company wrote in the post.

“We hope to get back to normal quickly. Bye for now, see you later,” the post read.

McDonald’s restaurants in the UK and the Republic of Ireland also closed Monday in order to safeguard the employees and customers in light of the virus, the company said.

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