McConnell previews votes on coronavirus relief

McConnell previews votes on coronavirus relief

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell teed up votes for two separate coronavirus relief bills next week, all but daring Democrats to block them.

“Republicans have tried numerous times to secure bipartisan agreement where possible and get aid out the door while these endless talks continue. But Speaker Pelosi keeps saying she feels “nothing” is better than “something” and clinging to far-left demands that are designed to kill any hope of a deal,” the Kentucky Republican said in a statement.

“It is heartless for Democrats to continue their total blockade of any aid whatsoever unless Speaker Pelosi gets her way on countless non-COVID-related demands,” he continued.

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First, on Tuesday, there will be a vote on a stand-alone bill to refill funds for the small business Paycheck Protection Program.

Then, on Wednesday, a vote is set on a slimmed-down package with a more than $500 billion price tag. It will include an extension of enhanced unemployment benefits and more than $100

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