May 1, Silver Short Squeeze! /r/ Wallstreetsilver

May 1, Silver Short Squeeze! /r/ Wallstreetsilver

Longtime readers of WeLoveTrump know I like to talk about silver.

And I like to BUY and HOLD silver.

Or in crypto terms, I like to HODL.

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You gotta love it.

But it’s actually very serious.

Gold and silver are “God’s money” and the only forms of money on the face of the Earth with real value.


Because God’s not making any more of it.

And because silver is useful in so many commercial applications, it has real demand.

But big bankers like JP Morgan Chase (ahhhhhhhlegedly….) have been manipulating the price of silver for 40 years.

They want to keep the price low, while they accumulate.  For decades.

That may soon be coming to an end.

Just like the Reddit traders fought back against the massive hedge funds to send Gamestop soaring to ridiculous numbers in one of the most epic short squeezes of all time, that same group and many others have now set their sights

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