Mary Trump: 'Dangerous' to allow Donald Trump to lead the country

Mary Trump: 'Dangerous' to allow Donald Trump to lead the country

Mary Trump, President Trump’s niece, said in an interview that aired Wednesday it’s “dangerous” to allow her uncle to run the country.

The president is “utterly incapable of leading this country, and it’s dangerous to allow him to do so,” she said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.”

She said the judgment is based on what she’s seen “my entire adult life.”

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Ms. Trump’s new book, “Too Much and Never Enough,” was released on Tuesday after Mr. Trump’s family went to court to try to halt its publication.

Among the allegations in the book, Ms. Trump claims that the president had someone else take his SATs for him — a claim the White House has called an “absurd” falsehood.

“Of course, they would,” she said. “I trust my sources. … In terms of documentation, no, I can’t prove it.”

“I can certainly say with a hundred percent certainty that I was told this story by a source very close to

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