Mary Magdalene Was The First Person To See Christ’s Resurrection

Mary Magdalene Was The First Person To See Christ’s Resurrection

Saint Mary Magdalene,
you came with springing tears
to the spring of mercy, Christ;
from him your burning thirst was abundantly refreshed;
through him your sins were forgiven;
by him your bitter sorrow was consoled.

—St. Anselm, 1033–1109, prayer about St. Mary Magdalene

On July 22, Western and Eastern Orthodox churches, historians, and Christians around the world celebrate the feast day of saint Mary Magdalene, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ and the first witness to the Resurrection, according to the gospels.

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Mary Magdalene, cured of seven demons (Luke 8:3), followed her healing savior on His earthly ministry from Galilee to Jerusalem to that final fateful Golgotha Hill where He was crucified. On the first Easter Sunday, carrying myrrh to anoint his body, Mary stood at the empty grave weeping. The risen Jesus appeared to her, called her by name, and commanded her to share the Good News of his resurrection. (John 20: 1-18).

“I have seen the Lord!” Mary told the disciples, earning

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