Marvel's Latest Superhero Team Includes 'Safe Space' and 'Snowflake'


Marvel Comics has announced the superhero lineup for its New Warriors comic featuring characters named “Safe Space” and “Snowflake,” a tongue-in-cheek attempt to mock the terms often applied to leftists.

In a recent announcement on the Marvel website, the comic book giant announced a new lineup for its New Warriors team, a superhero comic that first appeared in the 90s. The New Warriors team has generally featured younger characters and while not part of Marvel’s main roster of superheroes, they have been featured in critical Marvel storylines. Notably, the team was the catalyst behind the extremely popular Marvel Civil War event.

Now, a new lineup of heroes has been added to the New Warriors roster and this team seems designed to mock those that are critical of social justice warriors. Most notable are the “psychic twins” named Snowflake and Safe Space.  According to Marvel:

“Safespace is a big, burly, sort

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