Marsis: Creating New Frontiers in NFTs Space

Marsis: Creating New Frontiers in NFTs Space

Blockchain technology, the underlying infrastructure enabling crypto transactions is constantly evolving. Form being a simple ledger recording all transactions, it has grown to create alternatives to the traditional financial industry. The latest developments in blockchain space currently revolve around NFTs – Non-Fungible Tokens and Decentralized Finance (DeFi). While these two are different applications of DLT with plenty of real-world usages, their paths have started to converge and soon they will turn inseparable.

While the symbiotic relationship between DeFi and NFTs is inevitable, Marsis is accelerating the pace by making it happen right now instead of later. Marsis is a pioneering, self-govern decentralized NFT asset valuation platform that brings the concept of DeFi to NFTs through efficient use of DAOs. In their current format, NFTs mostly serve as collectible items akin to in-game badges or the good old physical trading cards. More recently, NFTs are turning into digital representations of actual physical articles like paintings, luxury goods, and even other

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