Mark Ruffalo: Native People Are 'Marginalized,' 'Mistreated' in the 'Colonial System' of America

Mark Ruffalo: Native People Are 'Marginalized,' 'Mistreated' in the 'Colonial System' of America

Left-wing activist and Avengers star Mark Ruffalo said on Friday that Native Americans are “marginalized” and “mistreated” in the “colonial system” of the United States.

Ruffalo praised the passage of the America Rescue Act, marketed by Democrats and leftist news media as “coronavirus stimulus” and “COVID-19 relief” legislation in an interview with Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland.

Mark Ruffalo framed Native Americans as the “most marginalized [and] mistreated” people in an America, a county he described as a “colonial system”:

We’re going to talk about this part of this stimulus package that is being given to the Native American people of the United States. They are original people, our first people, and probably — in some ways — our most marginalized people or mistreated people of our country, and so we’re going to talk about their resilience.

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We’re going to talk about what this stimulus package means. We’re going

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