Mark Levin Defines ‘American Marxism’ — and Explains How to Stop It

Mark Levin Defines ‘American Marxism’ — and Explains How to Stop It

Mark Levin’s American Marxism provides a thorough education in the intellectual foundations of the American left, and how it emerged from the dim fringes of academia to become the driving ideology of President Joe Biden’s administration.

One of the most important things Levin does at the outset is invert the left’s concept of history. Levin starts his book with the sentence: “The counterrevolution to the American Revolution is in full force.” Marxism is that “counterrevolution.”

That is the opposite of how Marxism portrays itself. The Marxist concept of history is that it moves forward, toward the utopian future — the dictatorship of the proletariat, the miraculous provision of all human needs through collectivism.

All efforts to oppose this movement and to defend an existing social order — whether it be traditional aristocracy or liberal, capitalist democracy — are portrayed as “counterrevolutionary,” opposed to progress, and to the motion of

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