Man opens fire, drives truck into Georgia bar

Man opens fire, drives truck into Georgia bar

A man opened fire and plowed his truck through the front of a Georgia bar after he was kicked out for being too drunk, cops and reports said.

Eduardo Morales, 34, crashed his Dodge Ram into 278 South in Hiram at 11:30 p.m. on Saturday night – but some bar goers jumped in and wrestled his gun away as he tried to reload it, reports said.

There were several injuries, including a woman grazed by a bullet and a patron hit twice by the truck, according to police.

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Morales had been booted from the bar by bouncers, reports said, but he returned later in his truck and blasted multiple shots through his open window toward the bar.

“When his weapon was empty, Morales then drove the vehicle into the bar through the front doors striking numerous patrons,” Hiram Police Department said in a statement.

“His truck stopped when it hit the bar, after the truck stopped, Morales attempted to

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