Man gets ‘unheard of’ 275-year sentence for child sex crimes

Man gets ‘unheard of’ 275-year sentence for child sex crimes

An Oregon pedophile convicted of dozens of sex crimes against little girls was sentenced to more than 275 years in prison – a punishment that a prosecutor called “unheard of,” a new report says.

Tristan Ray Stanton, 34, of Roseburg received the massive sentence Tuesday from a Douglas County judge after his conviction on 29 counts of sex crimes involving four young girls between 2014 and last year, the News-Review reported.

“I work very hard to find a place to work encouragement into my sentence, but there is absolutely nothing in this case that I find redeeming,” Judge Ann Marie Simmons told the fiend at his sentencing.

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“There is nothing I can say to them or say to you that can make anything better. There was nothing good that came of this.”

Earlier at the hearing, Douglas County District Attorney Rick Wesenberg told the judge, “We are asking you respectfully: Honor these girls.

“They will never be the

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