Major Asian bank issues credit on SCB-backed blockchain

Major Asian bank issues credit on SCB-backed blockchain

The Asian Development Bank (ADB), headquartered in the Philippines, has settled its first letter of credit (LC) transaction using the Standard Chartered-backed Contour blockchain network.

The trade was a part of ADB’s trade and supply chain program and involved Standard Chartered and the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam.

ADB’s trade settlement also marked the first blockchain-based cross-border LC transaction between Vietnam and Thailand. 

According to a Global Trade Review report, the trade involved a $50,000 plastics shipment sent from Thailand’s SCG Plastics Co Ltd to Vietnam’s Opec Plastics Joint Stock Company.

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Although ADB did not specifically mention how blockchain added to the efficiency of the trade settlement, Steven Beck, the bank’s head of trade and supply chain finance, said that the use of blockchain has made trade more efficient while reducing risk and lowering the barriers to entry for small and medium-sized businesses in developing parts of Asia.

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