Mailman attacked by sex-crazed duck gets hilarious apology

Mailman attacked by sex-crazed duck gets hilarious apology

A British mail carrier cried fowl after a “vicious sex-manic” duck ruffled his feathers during his rounds — but its owners apologized and promised to keep the horny bird under control, according to a report.

Steve Hinds, 58, was first attacked by Bob in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, on Saturday, when he tried to deliver letters to the Muscovy duck’s owners, Deadline News reported.

After the sex-crazed duck chased him again twice, Hinds vowed not to return unless Bob’s owners hatched a plan to contain him.

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“To our postie. We are so sorry Bob has been attacking you (he attacks us too),” the owners wrote Hind in a note they attached to their gate.

“He used to be lovely and cuddly, now he is a vicious sex-manic. We have penned him and hopefully he won’t escape!” added the family, which also gave Hinds a chocolate bar as a peace offering.

“Lovely appologetic (sic) note from one of my customers today about

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