MAGA Rallies Back!

MAGA Rallies Back!

According to sources, Trump is preparing to begin his MAGA rallies as soon as May of this year.

Trump has not yet officially announced whether he will run in 2024, but rumors have been made that he may do so after the 2022 mid-terms.

JUST IN – Trump preparing to restart MAGA rallies as early as May – and will announce if he is running for president after the 2022 midterm races conclude (Daily Mail)

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— (@disclosetv) April 28, 2021

According to a report by CNN, “a person close to Trump” said the following:

Recently, Trump has initiated discussions about resuming the signature MAGA rallies that fortified his nascent political movement in 2016 and continued throughout his presidency. While he has vowed to travel to Alaska to campaign against Murkowski and is said to be interested in hosting campaign events for some of the candidates he’s already endorsed, aides said the logistics are

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