MACARTHUR: How ‘Evangelical’ Is The Evangelical Movement?

MACARTHUR: How ‘Evangelical’ Is The Evangelical Movement?

What denominational label would best describe the following person’s religious beliefs?

He claims to be a committed, born-again Christian but isn’t sure that Jesus is truly God incarnate. He isn’t convinced that God has infallible knowledge of (much less sovereign control over) the future. He doesn’t believe the Bible is truth without any mixture of error. He doesn’t believe what the Bible says about how the universe was created. He doesn’t believe people must acknowledge Christ as Lord and Savior—or even know anything about him—in order to have God’s favor. He doesn’t believe Satan is literally real. He doesn’t believe God is full of wrath against sin. And he certainly doesn’t believe in eternal punishment. In fact, he doesn’t particularly care for words like sin, atonement, repentance, expiation, or propitiation. He dismisses such terminology as useless religious jargon that fails to communicate anything to normal people. But in reality, what he despises most of all about those words is

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